How to Add Words to Your Tattoo to Make it More Unique

celtic tattoo

how to choose fonts for tattoos

If you want to make your tattoo even more unique and special – and I mean, who doesn’t? – then add some words that have a special meaning to you.

In the above example, I took a gorgeous celtic knot tattoo and paired it up with some striking black font and the text I love my tattoo. This is just a fun example – but you can see how you can really create something unique.

It’s easy. Just start with an image that you like for your tattoo, choose a phrase, quote, sentence or even a single word. Choose a font, and the color of the font. Put it all together.

To choose an image, go to Chopper Tattoo, Miami Ink, or Tattoo Me now. They have thousands of tattoos to choose from to really let your imagination flow. You can also download as many as many as you want. Don’t get limited. Let your imagination flow.

Next, choose your phrase. You can choose popular quotes from Try poetry. Or something inspirational, or from your religion.

Now you need to choose your font. Go to They have thousands of fonts to choose from. Search through all the styles. They have a lot! Some categories to look through are vintage, retro, blackletter or calligraphy.

You can even test your phrase with your font – when you choose a font, you can type in your own sample text and have it displayed.

lettering for tattoo

There are thousands of beautiful tattoos and thousands of beautiful fonts. Go crazy.

swirl tattoo

lettering tattoos

Check out the beautiful fonts under the handwriting category. Just put your text into the field that says sample text:

Your personality will really show through. My artist personality likes this one.artist lettering for tattoo


If you want to put the image together with the font, you will need to do it with an image editing software like Photoshop, or Paint.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, get a custom tattoo created by a real artist. Try Create my Tattoo – they have over 10,000 talented tattoo designers who will compete with one another tto design your perfect custom tattoo.

What are some of your favourite quotes? What image would you pair your quote with?


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