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Fake Tattoo Sleeves to slip on.

fake tattoo sleeve to buyCheck out the latest hot accessory to hit the stands. Guaranteed to amaze and or/shock your spouse, or friends – and still keep your day job. These tattoos are printed directly on stretchy machine washable nylon, and are a fun way to wear body art, without the pain, commitment or worry.

Tattoo Sleeves On Sale NOW for only $11.88 for 2 sleeves!
Two sleeves mean you can wear one or both.

The Prank Store has lots of styles when it comes to fake fattoo sleeves. Choose from: “Dragon Fire,” “Voo Doo Warrior,” “Psycho,” “Black Dragon,” ” Fairies with Butterflies,” “Celtic Tattoo,” “Flaming Skull,” “Tribal Tatto,” “Japanese Tattoo,” and “Traditional” Tattoo Sleeves.

You can’t lose with these fake tattoos – they are fun, cheap, and if you think about it, can even keep you a little bit warmer.

Get your fake tattoo sleeves now. These are such a great deal, you can get some for your whole gang of friends. Imagine if you all wore these to your prom or graduation. Now that would be memorable. Ok – you’re not that adventurous. How about Hallowe’en?

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