Temple Lion Covers an Old Tattoo

This beautiful oriental temple lion tattoo is stunning. It has gorgeous color and detailing and makes a bold statement on this man’s shoulder.

In Buddhism, the lion is a symbol of regal strength.

The dense tattoo design is a great way to cover up an earlier tattoo mistake. Remember – tattoo regret is common and this is one way that you can deal with it. Cover up your old tattoo with something new. That’s how Johnny Depp ended up with Wino forever tattooed on his arm. It started with Winona Forever. As we know, not all things do last forever. Tattoos do – so be sure!

Here are some shots of the tattoo before the coloring started. See how much detailing has been put in right down to the toenails of the lion.

Take your time choosing your tattoo! The Internet is made for helping you choose tattoo designs that are right for you.…because you can join online tattoo galleries that let you download unlimited Printable Tattoo Designs. This will allow you to choose tattoos at home at your leisure. Choosing in a tattoo parlor is not often the best place. You get rushed and don’t spend the time necessary.

Creative Commons License photo credit: eyeliam

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