Shoulder and Chest Tribal Tattoo

shoulder tattoo

Here is a smashing shoulder and chest tattoo design. Notice the beautiful use of symbolic shapes in the tattoo.

Love the turquoise.

Taking care of your Shoulder tattoo.

Because the shoulder moves a lot, watch out for irritation from clothes or shoulder straps that may rub or irritate the shoulder tattoo.

Lay on your side or stomach until the pain goes away. The shoulder area can hurt more than other areas.

Use sun screen – shoulders get lots of exposure and you don’t want the sun to fade your the colors of your tattoo.

(photo by Photocatcher)

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flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo


  1. damien notides says

    Hey man, badass tattoo! It’s very nice. I was wondering where you got the design from or where can I see the pattern to get it myself if you dont mind. Well please email me back with the answers. and thanks!

  2. carlos mojica says

    i was wonder if you guys have anymore pictures from different views of the tattoo first shown on the “shoulder and chest tribal tattoo” or if there is a name to the tattoo because i really love the tattoo and would like to get one just like it

  3. donnovan mears says

    just wondering if you could do a maori design for me i need one for my arm and chest that means war and warrior

  4. Justin says

    hey gr8 tattoo i’ve gone crayzii when i saw it 😀

    can you please send me he full sketch of it pls if u dont mind :)

    will really save me some time and hassle

  5. Ryan says

    I really enjoy this one, would like to make my own adjustments, if anyone could please send the line art I woud be happy to pay.

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