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Shoulder and Chest Tribal Tattoo

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shoulder tattoo

Here is a smashing shoulder and chest tattoo design. Notice the beautiful use of symbolic shapes in the tattoo.

Love the turquoise.

Taking care of your Shoulder tattoo.

Because the shoulder moves a lot, watch out for irritation from clothes or shoulder straps that may rub or irritate the shoulder tattoo.

Lay on your side or stomach until the pain goes away. The shoulder area can hurt more than other areas.

Use sun screen – shoulders get lots of exposure and you don’t want the sun to fade your the colors of your tattoo.

(photo by Photocatcher)

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flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

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  1. damien notides says:

    Hey man, badass tattoo! It’s very nice. I was wondering where you got the design from or where can I see the pattern to get it myself if you dont mind. Well please email me back with the answers. and thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Hey there. I hear ya. I don’t know the details of this one but email the photographer on flickr for details.

  3. Le says:

    NICE man! luvin how intricate it is, have you got a template of that tat? or know wer i cud get it from? need to get the style down n try n alter it abit for me =D

    cheers m8, email me bk

  4. admin says:

    Once again, try contacting the photographer-

  5. carlos mojica says:

    i was wonder if you guys have anymore pictures from different views of the tattoo first shown on the “shoulder and chest tribal tattoo” or if there is a name to the tattoo because i really love the tattoo and would like to get one just like it

  6. nath says:

    that is amazing mate what do you call that disignof tattoo?

  7. Elliot says:

    Hey! Great Tattoo! Think its amazing.

    Sorry to ask the question (you must find this buggin)
    But. . . Have you got the template of that tatto, its my 18th Birthday soon and would love to get that tattoo :D

    Just post me an email if thats ok.

  8. admin says:

    Yep. Tis a beaut. I don’t have the template. Once again, try contacting the photographer-

    Looks like a custom made one….

  9. donnovan mears says:

    just wondering if you could do a maori design for me i need one for my arm and chest that means war and warrior

  10. admin says:

    Hmm. I’m a designer, but not a tattoo designer. Also I don’t know Maori.

    try these guys

  11. Mike Hussey says:

    Tribal tattoos are simple silhouette designs that represent the geometric tatau ornaments of tribes. Most popular tribal tattoos are Maori, Haida, and Polynesian designs.People have tribal tattoos on shoulder, chest, arms, wrists, and back.

  12. Justin says:

    hey gr8 tattoo i’ve gone crayzii when i saw it :D

    can you please send me he full sketch of it pls if u dont mind :)

    will really save me some time and hassle

  13. Justin says:

    my email –

    pls help and send me asap THANKS A LOT

  14. jagjitsingh says:

    its really awesome. hey can i get the full design of this tattoo.. will b really thankfull

  15. Andrew says:

    Hey man really digging the tattoo, if you know of anyone to get a hold of the template or “line art” that would be awesome if you could send it to me!!!

    My email is

  16. Andrew says:

    SO has anyone been able to find the line art for this amazing tattoo? I would love to do some modifications on it for my self, I would even pay for the original line art!!!
    Email me pls!!!!!

  17. Jesse says:

    hey i love the tattoo anyway i can get a better pic or template? mail to

  18. Ryan says:

    I really enjoy this one, would like to make my own adjustments, if anyone could please send the line art I woud be happy to pay.

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