Star Tattoos on Your Back


What’s better than a star design tattoo? Many star design tattoos. And all of them large and tattooed on your upper back.

We love this woman’s bold take on 3 five pointed stars – each star is similar, and yet, a little different too. One start tattoo is filled in with black, while another is red. The third tattoo is using outlines only. Same but different. I like that. That’s smart design.

Stars are a ubiquitous symbol. Stars are heavenly bodies – universal – something divine from heaven above. above. Star are simple, yet strong.

The star symbolizes achievement, honor, and hope. It is a widely used military symbol and nearly all armies use the five pointed star without crossing lines to symbolize military rank and power.

The five pointed star without crossing lines is used in the flags of 35 countries. Its first appearance on a national flag is believed to have been in 1777, when the United States of America used it on its flag design.

Hopefully this will help you shake up your star design tattoos.

More star symbolism here.

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