Flower Side Tattoo

 side Tattoo

Here’s a cool flower side tattoo. What is making this side tattoo super stylish is not only the futuristic art style, but the monochrome palette. A one-color tattoo is a bold statement to make, sometimes more striking than full colour tattoo.

Side tattoos are a great choice for women. You can cover them up at the office, but show them off at the beach. You can put big tattoos here, as there is a lot of area available.

One thing to think about before getting a side tattoo is that this area is very sensitive. The rib bones are right there. But women can handle more pain than men!

Make sure you get a good tattoo artist too. Large side tattoos can take a bit of time, so be prepared to spend hours at the tattoo shop

Creative Commons License photo credit: Coronel Flanagan

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