Stomach Tattoo Message

Have a message to tell the world? Declare it to the world with a stomach tattoo.

This stomach tatoo has an important message to share – “emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” Its a Bob Marley Lyric.

I think it would be funny for your stomach tattoo to say ” Emancipate yourself from pants.”

Still, if your forte is not comedy, a beautiful quote written across your stomach makes a really cool tattoo design.

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Stomach Tattoos Show Off Your Abs And Curves

What great stomach tattoos. This is actually an illustration called “Curves and butterflies” by Darks Adria. But what a great way to test out a tattoo design idea.

You can draw your stomach tattoo idea on a photo or graphic. Then test it out with temporary tattoo inks or henna kits.

The stomach is particularly challenging because it is a large area. Make sure you play with your tattoo sizing so that it doesn’t look too small, or too large.

The stomach is also a tough place for the tattoo artist to work as the skin isn’t very taut and it is tough to make it do so. Make sure your tattoo artist is experienced – and that you wear very loose fitting clothes after getting your stomach tattooed.

On the groovy side – stomach tattoos were usually for the men alone, so this is a hot place for women to get one.

Remember, tattoo regret is pretty common, so take your time when choosing your tattoos. Lifetime memberships with Tattoo galleries are great – they let you download unlimited tattoo designs.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: Darks Adria