Shoulder tattoos for women


Here’s a look becoming more and more popular – shoulder tattoos for women. Not just one tattoo, but many tattoos, that go down the arm.

This is a hot location – it’s seductive, that’s for sure.

Now let’s talk about this gorgeous tattoo design. First of all we have a monochromatic pattern. The all black tattoos are striking, and even though they are all different, the colour unifies them.

The size of the tattoos is roughly the same. This keeps it from becoming a messy assortment.

The thick black outline of the tattoos keeps these from being dull, run of the mill tattoos. These are bold and graphic, and display an arty uniqueness.

Well done, on this shoulder tattoo. You can rate it below.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Doki hawk

Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Women

Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Women

Shoulder Tattoo Designs used to be for men. It would be hard to find a shoulder tattoo on a woman 15 years ago. Women used to stick to the same common area – a wrist, and ankle – but today women are busting out and with that, pushing the boundaries.

And with that comes more adventurous and unique tattoo placement.

As, shoulder tattoos are getting more and more popular so do the designs get more creative and adventurous. There is a wide variety of shoulder tattoo designs that you can choose from. These types of tattoos can be easily hidden and revealed only when you want to.

Shoulder tattoos can either be on teh back, near or on the shoulder blade,  or on upper arm. This is a bold place for a tattoo and shows that you have confidence, and are not afraid to be seen.

While most women try for “sweet” tattoos, stuck in a gender mind set, we love the audacity of this woman’s choice, going for a ferocious dragon. Yah, the energy.

But cascading cherry blossoms can be equally striking on a shoulder.

Tribal tattoos work very well too as shoulder tatto designs for women.

Creative Commons License photo credit: antonella.beccaria

Cherry Blossoms Make An Elegant Shoulder Tattoo

This cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder is hitting it out of the park.

I love that tattoo design is really breaking out of the traditional mold – and that tattoo artists are becoming just that – artists. Their artistry is in design, the colour, the texture – knowing the parts of the body and how the tattoo will look on it.

Older traditional tattoo designs can have a cartoony 2d look to them – but newer designs are looser, more flowing. I think we are going in a never before explored world of tattoo design – with such looseness of strokes that would make even Vincent Van Gogh proud.

This cherry blossom tattoo drapes ever so sweetly over the woman’s shoulder. I love how the flowers are layered one on top of the other.

You can really call this tattoo an accessory. Kind of like a shawl draped over the shoulder.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Shannon Archuleta