Henna Foot Tattoo

Summer is made for foot tattoos. Tattoos that were hitherto hidden are now bared and let loose for the world to see. That goes for foot tattoos, freed from the socks and shoes that keep them covered all year long, it’s time for your feet to shine.

Foot tattoos are a fun area to play with. When choosing a tattoo, you don’t want to be in a hurry.

Try downloading a design from an online tattoo gallery that gives you unlimited downloads. Then use henna to tattoo your pattern onto your foot. Henna tattoos are a great way to test drive a tatto, as they are temporary.

Show your foot tattoos around town. How do you feel? are you ok with the reaction you are getting? Do you think you’ll like the tattoo when you are 64? Better. Then go take that printable tattoo design to your local tattoo parlor.

The moral of the story? Test drive your tattoo design!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marco Gomes

Stomach Tattoos Show Off Your Abs And Curves

What great stomach tattoos. This is actually an illustration called “Curves and butterflies” by Darks Adria. But what a great way to test out a tattoo design idea.

You can draw your stomach tattoo idea on a photo or graphic. Then test it out with temporary tattoo inks or henna kits.

The stomach is particularly challenging because it is a large area. Make sure you play with your tattoo sizing so that it doesn’t look too small, or too large.

The stomach is also a tough place for the tattoo artist to work as the skin isn’t very taut and it is tough to make it do so. Make sure your tattoo artist is experienced – and that you wear very loose fitting clothes after getting your stomach tattooed.

On the groovy side – stomach tattoos were usually for the men alone, so this is a hot place for women to get one.

Remember, tattoo regret is pretty common, so take your time when choosing your tattoos. Lifetime memberships with Tattoo galleries are great – they let you download unlimited tattoo designs.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: Darks Adria