Dragon Slayer Tattoo on the Back

dragon slayer tattooThis is an amazing dragon slayer tattoo. Here is what I love about this tattoo: it takes up the full back; it’s in one colour only which gives it a unique style; the drawing is very dynamic look at how the swirls are picked up in the design.

This pic was taken by a photographer in Hong Kong – the guy supposedly was shy about getting his photo taken.

They significance of a dragon slayer is different according to your culture.

In Asia, the dragon is often revered. They are representative of the primal forces of nature and the universe, and are  are associated with wisdom and longevity.

In Christianity, the dragon slayer motif is represented by St. George, and symbolizes the  triumph of god over the devil, or  light over darkness.

The Devil is often associated with serpents  in Christian iconography. He is called “That old serpent” and the “Father of Lies”, “who forever deceiveth the world.”

There is actually a fascinating history behind the snake hatred. The snake was actually revered by early revisions – because the snake shed it’s skin, it symbolized the circle of life  – rebirth, death, rebirth. When officials wanted people to stop believing in the old religions, and adopt  Christianity, they started calling their symbol the devil and the mythology of the older religions, lies. In other words, don’t believe those lies, only Christianity tells the truth.

Not many people know this, but it’s well documented, and explained in the book The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler.

Creative Commons License photo credit: istolethetv

Henna Tattoo on your Back

Henna tattoo on the backThis is a lovely henna tattoo on the back of this woman. This tattoo, featuring a  nice cascading wreath of flowers is especially striking in the one colour depiction, and the brown of this tattoo.

Henna is made from all natural plant substances and has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, and other things. Henna tattoos are temporary, and a great way to test out your tattoo design.

First, download a design from one of your favourite tattoo sites, then instead of using permanent ink, use henna. Walk around with your tattoo – how do you feel? Does it bother you when people stare?
Do you like it after a few weeks

Tattoo regret is a common thing, so make sure to spend time with your tattoo before you go permanent. Tattoos made with real ink cannot be removed – they are yours for life.

NB. Don’t use black henna or neutral henna. These are not made from plants and can be bad for you.

Creative Commons License photo credit: The artist (formerly) known as Gene

A Very Original Back Tattoo.

back tattoo.


Here’s a most original back tattoo. This was done by cecelia at warlock tattoo and took a long time to finish.

It’s a very detailed tattoo that spans the upper back. The colouring and attention to detail are out of this world.

A very wonderful example for those who dare step out of the finky butterfly for women tattoos. Really, now, could you get any lamer? Please – get inspired by this wonderful back tattoo…and go out in style.


Creative Commons License photo credit: ellyjonez

Full Back Tattoo

Full Back Tattoo – becuase it’s summer, and you get to show it off.

Full Back Tattoo

A few things that you should consider before getting your full back tattoo are:

  • the time it will take to get your tattoo finished and competed. Larger tattoos take longer to do. It will take  many sessions  to complete a full back tattoo design and each session will depend on how long you can withstand the needle, and ho w long the tattoo artist can work at one time.
  • Like your tattoo artist. You will be spending lots of time together.
  • the cost. Larger tattoos cost more money. A back is a larger area.

For a tattoo artist, the back is considered prime real estate.

Always plan ahead and remember tattoos are for life. So take your time and do some research. A lifetime memberships with a Tattoo gallery is a great idea – you can download as many tattoos as you want. Try doing a henna tattoo of your tattoo pattern  and see how you like it on your back.

This back is getting a tattoo montage treatment. Not everything is of the same style…yet should work because the lines are of the same thickness and proportion. If you don’t plan ahead and keep adding tattoos to your back, it can end up looking junky and cheap. Try limiting the colors so that there is cohesion, and match the style. For example, only add Chinese styles, or tribal. Try to make sure your proportions make sense too – don’t make tweety bird the same size as a mountain.

Creative Commons License photo credit: arbuford24