Tribal Tattoos for Men


Tribal tattoos for men make a powerful -and sexy –  statement – but not only that, check out the way a tribal tattoo can define your muscles. That’s what make them super hot for men.

Try our tribal tattoo with a monotone design, that means it’s one colour only. Most tribes had limited ink colours. Some tribal tattoos are abstract, like the one above, while others are representations of birds, or animals. It all depends on the tribes, and the symbolism they used in their artwork.

Here’s an idea – start with a tattoo design that you buy, then try customizing your tribal tattoo to fit the muscle flow of your body – you will work with a tattoo artist to come up with a design that is exclusive to you, and that will  accentuate your anatomy.

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Maori Tribal Tattoo

A Maori warrior's  facial tribal tattoos

A  Maori warrior’s crazy tribal tattoos

Tā moko is the word for the permanent body and face marking by the Māori, who just happen to be the indigenous people of New Zealand. No they were not in The Lord Of The Rings.

Ta moko tattoo‘s are different from your regular tattoo in that  the skin is carved by uhi or chisels not just punctured. So the Maori are left with deep grooves in the skin. Holy ouch Batman!

Ladies If you’re looking for a “real” man, look no further than The Maori. Hell of a lot of Tattoos!




photo credit: RaviGogna

Tattoo Patterns 101

There are so many tattoo patterns to choose from. Never before has there been such a wide variety of tattoo patterns, and never before has it been this easy to search for a tattoo what with so many online tattoo galleries.

Here is a quick tattoo finder primer for you – helping you to choose from all the available patterns.

Tribal tattoo patterns

These were specific to the tribe. Tribal designs have staying power because they are designs that have been used for centuries. Tribal design tattoos are artistic and include bold striking patterns.

Tribal tattoos are usually monotone, that means one colour only although there has been a trend recently to use more than one colour.

Tribal tattoos are specific to the tribe. It was an identifier. The designs in tattoos that we typically call tribal are from Polynesian tribes.

Celtic Tattoos

These can be considered tribal tattoos of the celtic people. The celts used many design elements over and over, like knots, chains or circles to symbolise eternity.

Kanji Tattoos

Kanji tattoos are ideographic characters, usually japanese or chinese. The character means one thing -it is representative of a whole word or idea, like respect or honour. Beware of bad translation that doesn’t read well by native speakers.

If you would like to get your own Chinese Tattoo, the Chinese Tattoo Designs web site is the one for you and will prevent you from getting a backwards or upside down tattoo.

Realistic designs or photo realistic designs

These are harder to do as instead of just solid blocks of colour they use gradations of colour. The lined feather, blend or bleed away to nothing, and it is more like painting than colouring in. Definite artistic talent needed here as well as experience with the tool.

Classic Tattoos or Old School Tattoos

Are the western world classic tattoos we grew up with. Mostly seen on sailors so there are many sailing themed tattoos.

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Tribal Shoulder Design

Here is another exceptionally styled Tribal Shoulder Tattoo. Shoulder tattoos are very prominent, and Tribal Tattoo designs work well here because they are abstract and can fit over the shape of your shoulder really setting off its form.

Tatuagem tribal shoulder tattoo

Tribal tattoos are also nice because these are really old tattoo patterns that have withstood the test of time. They are usually very strongly designed. Not lightweight, but using bold strong lines and fills.  Most are usually one colour, with solid black being the most common.

Creative Commons License photo credit: micaeltattoo

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: yupiyaya01

Hot Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Extends to the Upper Back

Ahh. This is one hot tribal shoulder tattoo design, and the way it extends to the upper back is super HOT. That means appealing. Sexy.

Here are a few things that I find hot about this tattoo, and you might want to think about if you are getting a tatoo:

  • The tattoo design is asymmetrical. Remember – symmetry is sucky. This is because it is safe. Safe is not memorable. Safe is…well…unadventurous and quite a bit chicken. Safer is dull, mainstream and the majority. If you are getting a tattoo, why be safe?
  • The tattoo design is strong. It’s screams boldness and strength. Once again, I repeat my fave mantra “go big or go home.” This is not a rule, but one of those little reminders, a check point to ask yourself when you are doing something creative. It is that extra bit that will push you further – to the “edge” – and perhaps inspire great art. Getting a tattoo is a creative endeavor. Be creative. Be great.
  • The tattoo design is simple yet says a lot. That’s the beauty of tribal tattoos – their artistry has been worked over the ages, and so they’ve had time to get it right. Trust your elders! Yet be of your time. How easy is that? Not so easy. But this tattoo design did it.

Take your time choosing your tattoo design! The Internet is made for helping you choose tattoos.…by giving you the time to choose tattoos at home at your leisure.

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