St Paul’s Cathedral makes a unique thigh tattoo

St Paul’s Cathedral tattoo on thigh

Here is an interesting thigh tattoo. It’s a traditional style of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. It is placed inside an ornate gold frame with traditional roses underneath.

The inspiration for this tattoo is a photo of St Paul’s during the Blitz –  by Herbert Mason

The tattoo owner chose this symbol because it’s a symbol of resilience. London could not be brought low by destruction.

A great way to use architecture in tattoos.
Creative Commons License photo credit: ohsarahrose

Girl With Dragon Tattoo

Girl With Dragon Tattoo - Full Body

Girl With Dragon Tattoo! You’ve read the book, seen the movie but still want more! Nothing says “I love the shit out of it”  better then a full body tattoo! Hey really It could be worse, you could have really loved “The Divinci Code”.






photo credit: Tattoo_Lover

Flower Thigh Tattoo Shines in the Summer

Love love love this flower thigh tattoo. It’s summer time and all the tattoos are coming out for the world to see. Thigh tattoos are wonderful because they can remain hidden for the most part. That is until it’s time to go to the beach or when it’s too hot to wear anything but the smallest  mini.

Katie? rose thigh tattoo – detail

This tattoo is truly an original. It has a kitschy feel to it that will add timelessness, and a bit of that devil-may-care sense of humour that says I don’t take myself that seriously. There is nothing less sexy than someone who takes themselves too seriously. In the summer, on the beach, this colourful tattoo is a crowd turner. Looks great and perennially young, and not like a dime-store dozen.

All thumbs up for this  flower thigh tattoo.

flower thigh tattoo photo credit: nils_barth

Lion on Thigh Tattoo

Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

Great thigh tattoo – great idea on a thigh – a lion. The lion can make a great idea for tattoos.

The Lion is a big symbol in many cultures. It was often used as a symbol of Royalty. This can be seen still in our words where we call the lion the “King of the Beasts”.

Lions are religious too. Jesus is often represented by a Lion, and the Lion is mentioned many times in the Bible.

The lion is Leo – the zodiac symbol.

The lions are often depicted in ancient architectaral buildings.

In African cultures the Lion is a powerful symbol in many Creation Myths, but it’s interesting to note that in many African fables the Lion is often depicted as an arrogant, vain creature who is often out-witted by smaller more clever creatures.

Other things the lion represents is royalty, authority, victory, fortitude, pride, nobility, cunning, strength, courage, fairness, justice and protection and images of the Lion have long been used to protect sacred ground.

A Lion tattoo may represent some aspects of these qualities to it’s wearer and the Lion is seen as a powerful Guardian figure and protector.

A thigh tattoo is a great place for a tattoo. Uncommon and unique, a lion tattoo will show your courage.

The thigh is also great for large tattoos. Sign up at Chopper Tattoo and check out their beautiful large Tattoo patterns.
Creative Commons License photo credit: madaboutasia

A Distinctive Rose Tattoo on Your Upper Thigh

Check out this hot rose tattoo on the thigh. Thigh tattoos are a less common spot for a tattoo, and so a tattoo on the thigh grabs the attention just that much more.

Here a stylized rose tattoo sits on a woman’s upper thigh. Distinctive – absolutely. And a great way to play with the more common tattoo motifs.

Thigh tattoos are also a great place to put larger tattoos. However a sleeve for the leg can take a really long time to complete, even months.

Remember, that for the most part of the year, the thigh tattoo will be hidden. Even in the summer time, you won’t see it unless you are wearing short shorts or a bikini. Thigh tattoos are a great place if you want your tattoo to remain discrete.

Remember, tattoo regret is pretty common. That’s why a lifetime memberships with a Tattoo gallery is a great idea – there’s no rushing when it comes to choosing your tattoo.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Rose tattoo rose tattoo on thigh photo credit: shoothead