Floating Bunnies

Bunnies Adrift tattoo

Bunny Tattoo In this totally original tattoo. Bunnies are floating away on balloons. I am at a loss as to what the symbolism here is. More importantly can balloons support the weight of a bunny and were there any bunnies hurt during this process?







Creative Commons License photo credit: Justin and Elise

Hanuman The Hindu Monkey



Hanuman,  is one of the most popular idols in the Hindu world. Believed to be a representative or Avatar  of  lord Shiva, Hanuman is considered a symbol devotion also  physical strength and perseverance. Hanuman is found in the Hindu epic Ramayan! It takes the form of a monkey.

Hard to get that monkey off your back.










Creative Commons License photo credit: minka6

Word Tattoo

If Only You Could See Yourself The Way I See You

What’s the word tattoo for you? This guy obviously feels that words are important. Arguably the best way to express ones self is through words. With this tattoo I would say the exact words back to him. “If you could see the way I see you, well it would be time for a new tattoo.







Creative Commons License photo credit: SanFranAnnie