Full Back Tattoo

Full Back Tattoo – becuase it’s summer, and you get to show it off.

Full Back Tattoo

A few things that you should consider before getting your full back tattoo are:

  • the time it will take to get your tattoo finished and competed. Larger tattoos take longer to do. It will take  many sessions  to complete a full back tattoo design and each session will depend on how long you can withstand the needle, and ho w long the tattoo artist can work at one time.
  • Like your tattoo artist. You will be spending lots of time together.
  • the cost. Larger tattoos cost more money. A back is a larger area.

For a tattoo artist, the back is considered prime real estate.

Always plan ahead and remember tattoos are for life. So take your time and do some research. A lifetime memberships with a Tattoo gallery is a great idea – you can download as many tattoos as you want. Try doing a henna tattoo of your tattoo pattern  and see how you like it on your back.

This back is getting a tattoo montage treatment. Not everything is of the same style…yet should work because the lines are of the same thickness and proportion. If you don’t plan ahead and keep adding tattoos to your back, it can end up looking junky and cheap. Try limiting the colors so that there is cohesion, and match the style. For example, only add Chinese styles, or tribal. Try to make sure your proportions make sense too – don’t make tweety bird the same size as a mountain.

Creative Commons License photo credit: arbuford24

Tattoo Patterns 101

There are so many tattoo patterns to choose from. Never before has there been such a wide variety of tattoo patterns, and never before has it been this easy to search for a tattoo what with so many online tattoo galleries.

Here is a quick tattoo finder primer for you – helping you to choose from all the available patterns.

Tribal tattoo patterns

These were specific to the tribe. Tribal designs have staying power because they are designs that have been used for centuries. Tribal design tattoos are artistic and include bold striking patterns.

Tribal tattoos are usually monotone, that means one colour only although there has been a trend recently to use more than one colour.

Tribal tattoos are specific to the tribe. It was an identifier. The designs in tattoos that we typically call tribal are from Polynesian tribes.

Celtic Tattoos

These can be considered tribal tattoos of the celtic people. The celts used many design elements over and over, like knots, chains or circles to symbolise eternity.

Kanji Tattoos

Kanji tattoos are ideographic characters, usually japanese or chinese. The character means one thing -it is representative of a whole word or idea, like respect or honour. Beware of bad translation that doesn’t read well by native speakers.

If you would like to get your own Chinese Tattoo, the Chinese Tattoo Designs web site is the one for you and will prevent you from getting a backwards or upside down tattoo.

Realistic designs or photo realistic designs

These are harder to do as instead of just solid blocks of colour they use gradations of colour. The lined feather, blend or bleed away to nothing, and it is more like painting than colouring in. Definite artistic talent needed here as well as experience with the tool.

Classic Tattoos or Old School Tattoos

Are the western world classic tattoos we grew up with. Mostly seen on sailors so there are many sailing themed tattoos.

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The Pros and Cons of Designing Your Own Tattoo

Twitter fail whale tattoo

Here’s a great looking deliberately naive tattoo. Sorry not the best tattoo picture, but I am talking about the tattoo design. Problem is you have to be a really good artist to achieve this.

There’s lots of talk as of late about designing your own tattoo. As usual there are pros and cons to this.

A pro about about designing your own tattoo is that you will be assured of having a very unique tattoo design and it will be meaningful to you.

A con is that your tattoo design might be poorly designed.

Sorry for the harsh words but this comes from years of being a a freelance artist and watching the behavior of clients. Design is the first place that a client will want to haggle the price. Why? Because it is a not a set cost of production so they will try to weasel out of it. You can’t cut manufacturing costs or the cost of tools, but you can decide not to buy a service.

This becomes even more problematic because secretly everyone thinks that they can draw. We are all fashion design or graphic design wannabes – our houses are the most stylish, our clothing is the bomb, our business cards are impeccable too.

Now this may be true that deep inside we are all artists and stylish, but the truth is that these talents may be not up to speed. It takes some knowledge of graphic design and skill to be good at design.

If you aren’t familiar with the principles of design, then your tattoo might come out looking very amateurish. You might not be willing to see it – but others will see it as being very low quality.

Another con is that you just might not know enough about the difficulties of tattoo design. This is where skill counts.  A tattoo artist has to consider many things when designing a tattoo – there’s the color, the shape, size. Will it fit the location?

If you are not bothered with the chance of ending up with an amateurish looking tattoo design in order to save a few bucks, then sure, go ahead. Perhaps a deliberately “naive art style”  is the look you are going for. They can be very appealing if done correctly. See above.

But really – a tattoo is something permanent. Why skimp on that? Some tattoos cost mere dollars to buy online. Other galleries have a monthly fee that costs as much as a movie. Surely you can splurge that in something as important a tattoo – an expression of your self.

If you really want to have a unique tattoo design, an easy thing to do is take sections of existing tattoo designs and mash  them together.

Another suggestion is to co-draw with a real tattoo artist. Take your drawing to a pro and have them perfect it up.

Make sure to get a tattoo artist with strong drawing  skills and who knows how the design will play out as a tattoo. Then you can still have a truly original design that you designed, but one that is attractive, properly crafted and not poorly executed. One that won’t make you – or others – cringe.

Most tattoo memberships aren’t that expensive – costing the equivalent of a night at the movies for two. That’s not a lot to give up for unlimited professional  tattoo designs.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rachel Kramer Bussel

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