Tattoo up the side is a great location for a unique tattoo.

feminine abdomen and side tattooHere is a stunning and very sexy, side tattoo for women.  Featuring a delicate cherry blossom branch, the tattoo shows off the abs perfectly.

If you’re thinking of getting a side tattoo, then think about trees and branches. By being tall, they are a natural fit for this location.

This cherry blossom is a particularly stunning tattoo design. First of all it’s very refined and elegant. There is a restraint in this design, but it’s still loose and flowing.

It’s not tight or overdone at all.

Though this is a black and white photo, you know there aren’t too many colours being used here. This could be monotone, as in the pic, or it could be 2 colour.

A gorgeous tattoo like this enhances you – it doesn’t hide you, or take attention from you. That’s a tough balancing act to accomplish, but do try! Just spend a bit more time when you are thinking about your tattoo.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Miles Cave


Floating Bunnies

Bunnies Adrift tattoo

Bunny Tattoo In this totally original tattoo. Bunnies are floating away on balloons. I am at a loss as to what the symbolism here is. More importantly can balloons support the weight of a bunny and were there any bunnies hurt during this process?







Creative Commons License photo credit: Justin and Elise

Stephen King’s It Clown becomes an Evil,Bloody, Zombie Tattoo

Evil and bloody Zombie Clown Tattoo, It, Steven King

Stephen King’s It Clown becomes an Evil,Bloody, Zombie . Stephen King’s “It” first was a novel then in 1990 it was a two part T.V. mini series. about a group of “Losers” who discover a multi dimensional predatory life-form that is simply referred to as “It”. The creature can turn itself into your worst fears. “It” mostly takes the form of a clown. Not scary enough for you? Imagine killing “It” only for it to come back as a bloody Zombie! Does the fear ever end? Not on this guy’s arm! Stephen King’s “It” tattoo It’s evil, bloody and a zombie. Who needs friends?







Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: Tattoo_Lover

Girl With Dragon Tattoo

Girl With Dragon Tattoo - Full Body

Girl With Dragon Tattoo! You’ve read the book, seen the movie but still want more! Nothing says “I love the shit out of it”  better then a full body tattoo! Hey really It could be worse, you could have really loved “The Divinci Code”.






photo credit: Tattoo_Lover

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

cherry blossom tattoo

Here’s a beautiful  cherry blossom tattoo. For many the cherry blossom represents life – the cycle from the birth of the bud, the short
delicate life of the flower, to it’s quite death as it falls from the tree. The symbol is to live life to the fullest.

This design makes lovely use of striking rich red colour.

Here is another cherry blossom tattoo on the side. The side is a great place for trees, blossoms plants. Anything that is elongating looks good on the side. And cherry blossoms rock on tattoos.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Katie Tegtmeyer