A Distinctive Rose Tattoo on Your Upper Thigh

Check out this hot rose tattoo on the thigh. Thigh tattoos are a less common spot for a tattoo, and so a tattoo on the thigh grabs the attention just that much more.

Here a stylized rose tattoo sits on a woman’s upper thigh. Distinctive – absolutely. And a great way to play with the more common tattoo motifs.

Thigh tattoos are also a great place to put larger tattoos. However a sleeve for the leg can take a really long time to complete, even months.

Remember, that for the most part of the year, the thigh tattoo will be hidden. Even in the summer time, you won’t see it unless you are wearing short shorts or a bikini. Thigh tattoos are a great place if you want your tattoo to remain discrete.

Remember, tattoo regret is pretty common. That’s why a lifetime memberships with a Tattoo gallery is a great idea – there’s no rushing when it comes to choosing your tattoo.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Rose tattoo rose tattoo on thigh photo credit: shoothead

A Rose Tattoo On Your Lower Back Is Sweet

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shannon Archuleta

A red rose is the symbol love, romance and passion. Usually.

But as always, cultures have their own way of looking at things.

The red rose also symbolises grace and beauty.

A red rose has become a symbol of socialism and it’s image is used by the British and Irish Labor Parties, as well as by the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Brazilian, Dutch and European socialist parties. The symbol originates from the red rose used as a badge by the marchers in the May 1968 street protests in Paris. (from theydeserveit.com)

Roses are also a popular Christian symbol.  The white rose was seen as standing for the innocence and purity of Maria, while red roses symbolized the blood of Christ, and the thorns represented sin. (from a stamp site!)