Girl With Dragon Tattoo

Girl With Dragon Tattoo - Full Body

Girl With Dragon Tattoo! You’ve read the book, seen the movie but still want more! Nothing says “I love the shit out of it”  better then a full body tattoo! Hey really It could be worse, you could have really loved “The Divinci Code”.






photo credit: Tattoo_Lover

This is One Hip Heart Tattoo

We love this tattoo of a heart on your hip. Have you heard of the phrase “go big or go home?” This heart tattoo lives it.

Go big or go home basically means if you are going to do something, commit to it. Committing means locking the door – there is no way out. It means firmly doing something, and doing it to the fullest.

I like to use this mantra when doing things creative – well actually – when doing anything. It’s the difference between really going for it, vs holding back. It’s being 100%.

How can you apply this mantra to your tattoo design? When choosing your design think to yourself, am I going big? Or am I being safe and chicken.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s ok to be safe and chicken. If you are putting a tiny heart tattoo on your ankle, and that’s truly what you want – go ahead. But know that that’s one of the most popular and mainstream ideas out there. You aren’t really expressing yourself are you. You are just being like everyone else. Apply the mantra Go Big or Go Home – which means really put a heart tattoo on my ankle – and you might make it bigger. Or change the color of the heart. Or use a stylized heart. Or add 2 hearts. Or 3. Or a chain of hearts.

This gal realized that she was not going to be amongst the masses. So instead of a sucky tiny heart tattoo somewhere regular, like on an ankle, or the front side of a hip, we have this great, huge, loosely drawn asymmetric heart on the back of her hip. I give her 10 extra points for positioning this heart tattoo so asymmetrically. Now this is original.

How bold! How grand.

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tattoo of a heart

Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: SharonaGott