Maori Tribal Tattoo

A Maori warrior's  facial tribal tattoos

A  Maori warrior’s crazy tribal tattoos

Tā moko is the word for the permanent body and face marking by the Māori, who just happen to be the indigenous people of New Zealand. No they were not in The Lord Of The Rings.

Ta moko tattoo‘s are different from your regular tattoo in that  the skin is carved by uhi or chisels not just punctured. So the Maori are left with deep grooves in the skin. Holy ouch Batman!

Ladies If you’re looking for a “real” man, look no further than The Maori. Hell of a lot of Tattoos!




photo credit: RaviGogna

Test Your Tattoo Design With a Henna Tattoo

Here’s a fun idea to do with your pals. Have a Henna Party instead of a Movie Night or night on the town and give each other henna tattoos. Traditionally women of the Middle East (where Henna is called Mehndi) have used this art form to celebrate weddings and other special holidays. A young girl makes her transition to womanhood on the night of the Henna, which sometimes lasts up to 3 days. The women would get together and have Henna parties – decorating the bride while playing music to celebrate the occasion. Henna is the common name of a small plant (Lawsonia inermis), which grows in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For centuries, women in India and the Middle East have used Henna to tattoo their hands, feet and other parts of their body to enhance their beauty. It is also said that Henna heals the body as well as wards off evil spirits. Try throwing your own Henna Party at home with a bunch of friends.

The Mehndi Body Art Kit is super easy and super safe and comes complete with stencils. You can test out your tattoo design ideas in a fun and safe way, and feel relieved knowing that the ink won’t last forever.

NOTE: Only use natural reddish brown henna. Black henna has additives to it that can be toxic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ReefRaff