Test Your Tattoo Design With a Henna Tattoo

Here’s a fun idea to do with your pals. Have a Henna Party instead of a Movie Night or night on the town and give each other henna tattoos. Traditionally women of the Middle East (where Henna is called Mehndi) have used this art form to celebrate weddings and other special holidays. A young girl makes her transition to womanhood on the night of the Henna, which sometimes lasts up to 3 days. The women would get together and have Henna parties – decorating the bride while playing music to celebrate the occasion. Henna is the common name of a small plant (Lawsonia inermis), which grows in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For centuries, women in India and the Middle East have used Henna to tattoo their hands, feet and other parts of their body to enhance their beauty. It is also said that Henna heals the body as well as wards off evil spirits. Try throwing your own Henna Party at home with a bunch of friends.

The Mehndi Body Art Kit is super easy and super safe and comes complete with stencils. You can test out your tattoo design ideas in a fun and safe way, and feel relieved knowing that the ink won’t last forever.

NOTE: Only use natural reddish brown henna. Black henna has additives to it that can be toxic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ReefRaff

Fake Tattoo Sleeves Are a Great Accessory

fake tattoo sleeve to buy large

Here’s the accessory of the year! These fake tattoo sleeves are the perfect item to jazz up your wardrobe.

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10 amazing fake arm sleeve tattoo styles to choose from: “Dragon Fire,” “Voo Doo Warrior,” “Psycho,” “Black Dragon,” ” Fairies with Butterflies,” “Celtic Tattoo,” “Flaming Skull,” “Tribal Tatto,” “Japanese Tattoo,” and “Traditional” Tattoo Sleeves.

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These are such a great deal, you can get some for your whole gang of friends. Imagine if you all wore these tattoo sleeves to your prom or graduation. Now that would be memorable. Ok – you’re not that adventurous. How about Hallowe’en?

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Never Forget Again With This Fun To Do List Tattoo

“To do list” fake tattoo

Shoddy short term memory? Never fear – the “To Do Tattoo” will fix that.

Not only does this tattoo help you remember, you won’t have to worry about sloppy scribbling on your hands either.

You get 12 beautiful lined and organized tattoos that you can apply anywhere to your skin. PLUS you get a skin safe washable ink pen.

Never forget another birthday, or to bring home milk again.

From World Wide Fred