Tattoo up the side is a great location for a unique tattoo.

feminine abdomen and side tattooHere is a stunning and very sexy, side tattoo for women.  Featuring a delicate cherry blossom branch, the tattoo shows off the abs perfectly.

If you’re thinking of getting a side tattoo, then think about trees and branches. By being tall, they are a natural fit for this location.

This cherry blossom is a particularly stunning tattoo design. First of all it’s very refined and elegant. There is a restraint in this design, but it’s still loose and flowing.

It’s not tight or overdone at all.

Though this is a black and white photo, you know there aren’t too many colours being used here. This could be monotone, as in the pic, or it could be 2 colour.

A gorgeous tattoo like this enhances you – it doesn’t hide you, or take attention from you. That’s a tough balancing act to accomplish, but do try! Just spend a bit more time when you are thinking about your tattoo.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Miles Cave


Unique Black Flower Leg Tattoo

black flower tattooToday the tattoo that caught our eye was this this stunning black flower tattoo on the leg.

The gorgeous photography no doubt helps make this flower tattoo pop, but here are a few things that help make the design of the tattoo modern and unique:

  • The monochrome palette. We can’t say it enough, by restricting colours you gain bold, graphical impact. Think about this for your next tattoo. Of course, it’s best to be consistent if you are getting multiple tattoos – don’t mix styles, eras, too many colours, or perspectives, unless you’re going for a mishmashed, jumble design. And let’s face it, that takes a lot of skill to not just look – shitty.
  • Heavy shading and gradients. These techniques not only add a 3d effect, but also a softness to the design.
  • A stylized flower. This ones got a bit of a comic element from the thirties. The few little stars flying off the border helps.
  • The unique location! It’s on the leg…very nice.

Well done! Let us know what you think of this flower tattoo design below in the comments.


Creative Commons License photo credit: superba_

Henna Tattoo on your Back

Henna tattoo on the backThis is a lovely henna tattoo on the back of this woman. This tattoo, featuring a  nice cascading wreath of flowers is especially striking in the one colour depiction, and the brown of this tattoo.

Henna is made from all natural plant substances and has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, and other things. Henna tattoos are temporary, and a great way to test out your tattoo design.

First, download a design from one of your favourite tattoo sites, then instead of using permanent ink, use henna. Walk around with your tattoo – how do you feel? Does it bother you when people stare?
Do you like it after a few weeks

Tattoo regret is a common thing, so make sure to spend time with your tattoo before you go permanent. Tattoos made with real ink cannot be removed – they are yours for life.

NB. Don’t use black henna or neutral henna. These are not made from plants and can be bad for you.

Creative Commons License photo credit: The artist (formerly) known as Gene

Shoulder tattoos for women


Here’s a look becoming more and more popular – shoulder tattoos for women. Not just one tattoo, but many tattoos, that go down the arm.

This is a hot location – it’s seductive, that’s for sure.

Now let’s talk about this gorgeous tattoo design. First of all we have a monochromatic pattern. The all black tattoos are striking, and even though they are all different, the colour unifies them.

The size of the tattoos is roughly the same. This keeps it from becoming a messy assortment.

The thick black outline of the tattoos keeps these from being dull, run of the mill tattoos. These are bold and graphic, and display an arty uniqueness.

Well done, on this shoulder tattoo. You can rate it below.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Doki hawk

Flower Side Tattoo

 side Tattoo

Here’s a cool flower side tattoo. What is making this side tattoo super stylish is not only the futuristic art style, but the monochrome palette. A one-color tattoo is a bold statement to make, sometimes more striking than full colour tattoo.

Side tattoos are a great choice for women. You can cover them up at the office, but show them off at the beach. You can put big tattoos here, as there is a lot of area available.

One thing to think about before getting a side tattoo is that this area is very sensitive. The rib bones are right there. But women can handle more pain than men!

Make sure you get a good tattoo artist too. Large side tattoos can take a bit of time, so be prepared to spend hours at the tattoo shop

Creative Commons License photo credit: Coronel Flanagan