Henna Tattoo on your Back

Henna tattoo on the backThis is a lovely henna tattoo on the back of this woman. This tattoo, featuring a  nice cascading wreath of flowers is especially striking in the one colour depiction, and the brown of this tattoo.

Henna is made from all natural plant substances and has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, and other things. Henna tattoos are temporary, and a great way to test out your tattoo design.

First, download a design from one of your favourite tattoo sites, then instead of using permanent ink, use henna. Walk around with your tattoo – how do you feel? Does it bother you when people stare?
Do you like it after a few weeks

Tattoo regret is a common thing, so make sure to spend time with your tattoo before you go permanent. Tattoos made with real ink cannot be removed – they are yours for life.

NB. Don’t use black henna or neutral henna. These are not made from plants and can be bad for you.

Creative Commons License photo credit: The artist (formerly) known as Gene

Dragon tattoo shirt

Men's Geisha Dragon Full Body Tattoo Shirt

Never mind tattoo sleeve, this is a full body Dragon Tattoo Shirt for men starring the popular Geisha Dragon. These dragon tattoo t-shirts give you the illusion of having your upper chest and back fully tattooed.

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The dragon is a symbol of sincerity of swiftness and hope, reflecting the fleeting nature of youth and beauty. This full body tattoo shirt features traditional Geisha chest plates.

Tattoo Clothing gives you the realistic illusion of Real tattoos! Dragon tattoos are very popular.

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Custom Temporary tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are fun to make yourself. Now you can make your own custom temporary tattoos by printing your design onto paper using your own printer.

What you need for your printer is special printable tattoo paper. This special INKJET/LASER PRINTER TATTOO PAPER allows you to design your own tattoo, and print it out onto paper using your home computer.

There are some different varieties of tattoo paper for sale. Here are some great ones available from Ebay boutiques for you at low low prices.

There are 2 different styles of paper, and they come in 5 or 10 page packs. I recommend that you get the 10 pack because not only will you save by buying in bulk, but you will save the cost of shipping and handling.

Also, if you get the 10 pack of tattoo paper, you can try more tattoos that way. You can also make tattoos for your friends – wouldn’t that be a great idea?

The tattoo paper kit will give you Full Sizes Sheets (8 1/2″ x 11″) of Premium Quality

Tattoo Printer Paper and also sheets of the Adhesive Liner.

You need Both Sheets to make your tattoos.

The paper suits small Tattoo Designs better. One of the stores says “Quantity Depends on the Size of Each Tattoo.”

If you want to try larger tattoos, try using Henna. This is a great way to map out a large temporary tattoo.

Real tattoos are permanent, so this is a great way to make sure you won’t regret your tattoo.

With these special tattoo papers, you can print out a design, some clip art, or create any tattoo you want and easily remove it anytime you want! You can try all kinds of designs.

Try scanning your own artwork!

This Premium Tattoo Paper is specially designed to create your own

personal temporary body art with an inkjet or laser printer.

The best part is the guarantee. These 2 Ebay sellers come with all the regular Ebay guarantees, which is very cool. Check out their high ratings.

You can buy your temporary tattoo paper and get cracking making your Custom temporary tattoos.

Henna Foot Tattoo

Summer is made for foot tattoos. Tattoos that were hitherto hidden are now bared and let loose for the world to see. That goes for foot tattoos, freed from the socks and shoes that keep them covered all year long, it’s time for your feet to shine.

Foot tattoos are a fun area to play with. When choosing a tattoo, you don’t want to be in a hurry.

Try downloading a design from an online tattoo gallery that gives you unlimited downloads. Then use henna to tattoo your pattern onto your foot. Henna tattoos are a great way to test drive a tatto, as they are temporary.

Show your foot tattoos around town. How do you feel? are you ok with the reaction you are getting? Do you think you’ll like the tattoo when you are 64? Better. Then go take that printable tattoo design to your local tattoo parlor.

The moral of the story? Test drive your tattoo design!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marco Gomes