Inspired Chest Tattoo

Here is an inspired chest tattoo. It’s inspired by the Heart of Seven Sorrows motif and this is the second sitting where the black and reds are to come. More colours later.
Chest Tattoo seven sorrows

The Seven Sorrows  are events in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s a common theme for Catholics to say 7 Hail Mary prayers each day.

The 7 sorrows as translated into symbols are:

1. The Prophecy of Simeon over the Infant Jesus. (Gospel of Luke 2:34)
2. The Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. (Gospel of Matthew 2:13)
3. The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days. (Luke 2:43)
4. The Meeting of Jesus and Mary along the Way of the Cross. (Luke 23:26)
5. The Crucifixion, where Mary stands at the foot of the cross. (Gospel of John 19:25)
6. The Descent from the Cross, where Mary receives the dead body of Jesus in her arms. (Matthew 27:57)
7. The Burial of Jesus. (John 19:40)

Thanks to Wikipedia for the above explanation on the 7 sorrows.

Love the honesty of this guy who says “chest tattoos are kinda brutal it turns out.”

Inkwork by Fish @ Th’Ink Tank Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jake Sutton