Stephen King’s It Clown becomes an Evil,Bloody, Zombie Tattoo

Evil and bloody Zombie Clown Tattoo, It, Steven King

Stephen King’s It Clown becomes an Evil,Bloody, Zombie . Stephen King’s “It” first was a novel then in 1990 it was a two part T.V. mini series. about a group of “Losers” who discover a multi dimensional predatory life-form that is simply referred to as “It”. The creature can turn itself into your worst fears. “It” mostly takes the form of a clown. Not scary enough for you? Imagine killing “It” only for it to come back as a bloody Zombie! Does the fear ever end? Not on this guy’s arm! Stephen King’s “It” tattoo It’s evil, bloody and a zombie. Who needs friends?







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Girl With Dragon Tattoo

Girl With Dragon Tattoo - Full Body

Girl With Dragon Tattoo! You’ve read the book, seen the movie but still want more! Nothing says “I love the shit out of it”  better then a full body tattoo! Hey really It could be worse, you could have really loved “The Divinci Code”.






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twilight saga vampires Team Edward Jacob werewolf

IMG_4194 twilight saga vampires

Twilight Saga Tattoo Team Edward or Team Jacob. This guy couldn’t choose. He looks pretty old for a thirteen year old. Question; which is better the movies or the book?

The Twilight saga is a series of supernatural  novels and the movies of the same name.  All together there is four novels by  American author Stephenie Meyer. The movie series has grossed over $1.7 billion worldwide and there is at least one more film to go. Can you say pass the popcorn?








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