Crazy Beautiful Tattoo Sleeves for Men

tattoo sleeve After four sessions

Here is another collection of gorgeous and unique tattoo sleeves. You won’t find hum drum or regular designs here…(most people just go to the tattoo parlour and pick one off the wall – really! They spend more time on picking out jeans than they do something that is forever and permanent.)

Above you will find a very striking arm sleeve tattoo in the works. That is after 4 sessions at the tattoo parlour. Below, the tattoo has colour added to it.

tattoo sleeve with color to the flowers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)

geometric tattoo sleeve

Here is a fantastic and modern tattoo sleeve. Geometric patterns and very controlled colors make this truly astounding. Definitely a showstopper! Would you dare wear this one? Or are you more traditional?

Creative Commons License photo credit: micaeltattoo



This is a great take on the optical illusion of Escher. The birds are either in black, or in white.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Niki aplusbi

Sleeve tattoo designs for men

Here are some hot sleeve tattoos for men. We’ve got a sweet collection here – showing various styles of tattoos, from modern down to traditional.

Sleeve tattoos make a great impression. Make sure to think about your choice…sleeves take a long time to do and are expensive. Tattoos are forever, so make sure you choose wisely – don’t get stuck with something you will regret. Take the time to see if the tattoo you choose is really the right match for your own unique personalty.

Up first is a very graphic and modern take on a sleeve tattoo for men.
sleeve tattoo for men

This tattoo is colourful, playful, and very unique. Do you have the personality to carry off something as stand out and unusual as this?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tobyotter

Monkey lick the monkey's monkey!

This sleeve tattoo design, while still bold, is a little more mainstream with a 70s colour and style vibe. That   matches the  rollerskater design.
Creative Commons License photo credit: DaMongMan


三社祭 浅草、東京。Sanja Matsuri

Down to the very traditional, but this tattoo is still lovely and very graphic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ari Helminen


Another wildly original and stand out from the crowd tattoo. Stunning.
Creative Commons License photo credit: torbakhopper

man with sleeve tattoo and sname

This sleeeve tattoo would look as cool even without the snake.

Creative Commons License photo credit: DigitalArtBerlin

Feminine arm and leg tattoos

Female arm and calf tattoosWhat we like about these feminine arm and leg tattoos are the big and bold designs.They are coming off incredibly beautifully here in these black and white photos.

What we don’t like are the big eyes on the leg tattoo…we hate that look, but we’ll let it pass, as it’s still more interesting than a sucky little butterfly tattoo.

The large graphic half -sleeve on the arm pairs very well with the tattoo on the calf. 2 faces is a great choice here.

But please, let’s stop with the anime eyes. Yuck.

Creative Commons License photo credit: auspices

Floating Bunnies

Bunnies Adrift tattoo

Bunny Tattoo In this totally original tattoo. Bunnies are floating away on balloons. I am at a loss as to what the symbolism here is. More importantly can balloons support the weight of a bunny and were there any bunnies hurt during this process?







Creative Commons License photo credit: Justin and Elise