Angel and Monster Arm Sleeve Tattoos

arm sleeve tattoo photo credit: tanakawho

Here we have 2 arm sleeve tattoos with very different stories. On the right we have an angel arm sleeve, and on the left – a monster. What else?

One again, we love the color and detail of these arm sleeves. And we can’t forget the sense of play. If it’s funny we are all over it.

This from Wikipedia: A sleeve tattoo (or tattoo sleeve) is a very large tattoo, or a collection of smaller tattoos, that covers most or all of a person’s arm, usually from shoulder to wrist.

These would probably be classified as half arm sleeves.

Arm sleeves are super popular lately. So popular that you can even get fake arm sleeve tattoos!

Check out these 10 amazing fake sleeve tattoo styles to choose from: “Dragon Fire,” “Voo Doo Warrior,” “Psycho,” “Black Dragon,” ” Fairies with Butterflies,” “Celtic Tattoo,” “Flaming Skull,” “Tribal Tatto,” “Japanese Tattoo,” and “Traditional” Tattoo Sleeves and see if an arm sleeve tattoo is for you.

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Show Off Your Angel Wing Tattoos This Summer

Angel wing tattoos are hot. Sported across the back angel wing tattoos make the ultimate statement.

We know these angel wings aren’t real – but what a great idea it is to henna your tattoo on your back for the summer. This way you can really try your tattoo on for size before you make the ultimate commitment.

You can check out how your tattoo looks with all your clothes – whether wearing a tshirt, halter top, bikini or a bareback dress. You can test the reaction you get from friends or colleagues or bosses when they see you with your new tattoo, and more importantly, how you feel when faced with other people’s reactions.

Best of all you can check out different angel wing patterns – to see which one you feel good in. It’s all about feeling good in your own skin.

I love this tattoo design– it’s beautiful because of its loose filigree fairy like drawing. Very irreverent and whimsical. Upper back tattoos on the are just as sexy as lower back tattoos.

Remember, tattoo regret is pretty common, so take your time when choosing your tattoos. That’s why lifetime memberships with Tattoo galleries are great – there’s no rushing when it comes to choosing your tattoo – so less chance of regretting your decision.

flash tattoo from Chopper Tattoo

Creative Commons License photo credit: danielle_blue

Test Your Tattoo Design With a Henna Tattoo

Here’s a fun idea to do with your pals. Have a Henna Party instead of a Movie Night or night on the town and give each other henna tattoos. Traditionally women of the Middle East (where Henna is called Mehndi) have used this art form to celebrate weddings and other special holidays. A young girl makes her transition to womanhood on the night of the Henna, which sometimes lasts up to 3 days. The women would get together and have Henna parties – decorating the bride while playing music to celebrate the occasion. Henna is the common name of a small plant (Lawsonia inermis), which grows in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

For centuries, women in India and the Middle East have used Henna to tattoo their hands, feet and other parts of their body to enhance their beauty. It is also said that Henna heals the body as well as wards off evil spirits. Try throwing your own Henna Party at home with a bunch of friends.

The Mehndi Body Art Kit is super easy and super safe and comes complete with stencils. You can test out your tattoo design ideas in a fun and safe way, and feel relieved knowing that the ink won’t last forever.

NOTE: Only use natural reddish brown henna. Black henna has additives to it that can be toxic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ReefRaff